Digital Garden

There was a time when I used to blog about random things in my personal blog. My first few blogs were literally called /dev/random > /dev/null and Brain Dump among other similar names.

And I used to write about all kinds of stuff - things I learned, personal experiences, thoughts that I didn't care because no one read it. But then as more people began reading through my blogs, I started censoring myself and it soon lead to almost abandonment of my blog.

To be fair, I do capture my thoughts in my personal notebooks/RoamResearch. Some of them are good enough to be published to the world, and I think a Digital Garden is the best place for it.

Think of a digital garden as a staging are in your git repository. You cherry pick certain thoughts/lines, expand upon it and stage them before committing them to history.

This place is going to be random, ever-evolving and raw thoughts. I still don't know what topics I will write here, how it will grow, or how frequently I will update here. But this is an experiment worth trying out.

Just like other digital gardens, I am going to tag each article based on what level of concreteness it is in.